Yoga Description


Discipline the Mind

What is Yoga?

There are many aspects to the art of Yoga. It is a discipline path and practice for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a powerful healing art with the capacity to prevent aging and disease. It can also reverse the damage and wear and tear that a body experiences. Yoga is a great stress reliever, mentally and emotionally. It gives us space to stop, slow down the pace of life, and be still. It releases, or encourages the release of physical knots and tension held in the body, allowing us to mentally and emotionally relax.


... a pathway of spiritual growth

Yoga is a pathway of spiritual growth. It helps us to be more patient and to endure waiting and provocation without upset. It also serves to improve our relationships, which have an effect on our community and world.  WE can become more understanding and a better listener with regular practice.


... a pathway for energetic development

Yoga is a pathway for energetic development, and to master breathing. It opens the blocked channels in the body and allows energy, nutrients, breath, and the elements to flow. This healing practice fosters longevity and optimal functioning of all of our physical and energy systems.