I will recommend this yoga studio to anybody who is looking for a comforting space, knowledgeable instructors, easily accessible location and above all a feeling of blissful well being and complete rejuvenation upon finishing a class. Pricing is also affordable. Do yourself a favor, check out Taireiki, you will be pleased!
— Eugenia, Boston

Ivor is amazing!!
I’m learning Qigong and Reiki from Ivor. My life changed after I began that. I’m positive every day, I could have deep sleeping, my high blood pressure getting lower. Thank you Ivor, you changed my life, I’m very happy!
— Maki, Boston

Loving Taireiki’s offerings. Took the Healflow last night with Ivor and I am feeling amazing today.
— Adam, Boston
The chill music and yoga went together so well. I will definitely be back. I liked the studio space too. It was simple, inviting, and open.
— Monique, Boston