Taireiki Policies


In order to create a still, focused and safe environment for your movement and healing practice, we ask that you respect the following policies in the studio:


  • Be on time, as we lock the door when class starts.

  • Conversely, wait outside the door if the door is locked. A previous class or private session may be in session.

  • Refrain from the use of cell phones inside the studio. Please silence them or turn them off before entering.

  • Remove and put away Apple Watches (and watches with SmartPhone capabilities) before class begins. Such devices distract and take away from your practice, and of those around you.

  • Do not wear cologne, perfume or fragrance to class.

  • Do not chew gum inside the studio.

  • Do your best to remain in the room during your practice. Leaving the room is distracting to those around you, and unless absolutely necessary, is not encouraged. Try laying in savasana or in child’s pose if you need to pause or rest during your practice.

  • Accommodate those around you by moving your mat when necessary to make space for all.