Energetic Alignment

What is Reiju?

When Usui Sensei mastered how to heal with Reiki along, with his awakening after his 21 days of fast on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, he thought, 'This power should not be monopolized by one family. I must spread it to people at large." As a result of his studies and his research of numerous  works of literature, he completed Reiju, the technique of energy transmission.

What is an Energetic Alignment?

When performing the attunement, Reiki Masters first clear the receiver, connect with Reiki, and surround themselves with the Light. Then, the Masters create a flowing line of Reiki from the receiver's crown to the sacrum along the receiver's spine. They then send the excess Reiki from the feet into the ground, and perform a tuning so that the receiver's palms radiate strong healing energy. 


All  of the above should be performed thoroughly by Masters who are capable of sending clear and fine Reiki energy.  This is considered the "Essence of Reiki".

 Each Reiju lasts 20 minutes.