Qi Gong Description

Qi Gong

An Energy Practice

What is Qi? Can people really heal themselves and prevent illness? Through Qi Gong training, can we really attain strength that is several times greater than the average person. Can we really absorb and emit Qi to heal others? 

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is the study of using or working with energy. The word qi roughly translates to energy. The word gong roughly translates to work. Students learn to identify and manipulate energy within their body and environment. Through movement, visualization, mantras, stillness, and through performing exercises with wood, fire, earth, metal, water, and breath, you will gain mastery over your own body, mind, and spirit. Qi Gong can be used for self-defense, for healing, and for spiritual growth.  


There are five stages to learning and mastering Qi Gong. As you make progress in class and in and in your own personal daily practice, you will be taken through the stages, learning advanced techniques and philosophies.


Stage 1

Memorization of exercises and technical skills.

Stage 2

Qi moves through the blood. Qi activates while you are perform these exercises. You will learn to observe yourself, and how to enhance the flow of Qi through your body during practice.

Stage 3

Qi and the Mind. Learn how to move, settle, and manipulate Qi with intention.

Stage 4

Transcendence and Teaching. In time, you will transcend the need for individual exercises. Your body, mind, and spirit will have synthesized the discipline of Qi Gong somatically, giving you influence over energy within your body and in the environment, at will, and with effortless ease. At this stage, the distinction between practice and time away from practice disappears. After reaching this stage in your development you will learn to guide others properly though these stages.

Stage 5

Mastery. Masters manifest extraordinary powers: immunity to poison, longevity, telekinesis, the ability to see the future and past, and an endless list of extraordinary magical powers. They also offer wisdom of the ancients and radiate a healing presence wherever they are. This last and final stage of Qi Gong is rarely seen on Earth.


Qi Gong is a powerful practice for maintaining health and vitality into old age. There is no other practice that will empower you to heal yourself more effectively than Qi Gong. It is also extremely effective for healing pain and grief. If you are suffering from bad health, if you are a spiritual seeker, if you are looking to extend your lifespan, if you are experiencing the echoes of pain from your past, Qi Gong is for you.

Qi Gong is a martial art used for self-defense, healing, and spiritual growth. Over 2000 years ago, the Yellow Emperor wrote his classic work on internal medicine, which has become the foundation of Medical Qi Gong as it is practiced today in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes throughout the world.

By synchronizing your breath, body movement, and voice with specific mental exercises, it is possible to locate and exercise each of the body's twelve major internal organs in a fashion similar to isometrics. Rather than treat symptoms of a single disease, Qi Gong works by strengthening and tonifying each internal organ, which helps it to function optimally through a precise series of steps.

Each Qi Gong session is customized based upon the students needs and health issues. You will be guided through a unique series of exercises designed to heal and empower you. This unique series will become the foundation of your personal practice as you increase vitality in a way that is most natural for your body type and lifestyle. It is rare to find access to these exercises outside of clinical trials and Asian hospitals.

Come experience a one-on-one Qi Gong session firsthand. We have over a decade of experience providing high-quality services to increase your health and longevity.